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    Zip Files Opener


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Help & Info about Zip Files Opener for windows

  • What is Zip Files Opener?

    The Zip File Opener program is a piece of software that allows users to open and unpack zip files quickly and easily. Created for the Windows operating system, users can work with a number of different file types all for free with no limits.
  • Is Zip Files Opener free?

    Yes, the zip file opener is free to download and install. Not only does it not require an initial, one-time payment or in-app fees, it also doesn’t contain ads, which many view as an alternative and indirect form of payment.
  • Is Zip Files Opener safe?

    Yes, it is safe to unzip files using this software. It does not contain harmful or malicious malware or viruses and will not harm your system. Users should, however, be careful of the zip files they unzip using the software, especially those downloaded from the internet, as they could pose a threat to their computers and potentially their personal information.
  • What platforms is Zip Files Opener available on?

    This program is available on the Windows operating system, specifically Windows XP. For newer version of Windows, however, it may not operate optimally or at all. It’s also not available on Mac or Linux systems, though comparable software exists for unzipping zip files.
  • How often is Zip Files Opener updated?

    The software is no longer updated and hasn’t been since its support for Windows XP. Unfortunately, newer versions of Windows do not support the software. For users still running XP, however, the last updated version will still be fully functional.
  • Does Zip Files Opener contain ads?

    No, this program does not contain ads. It also doesn’t charge a payment for its use, which makes this piece of software true freeware.
  • Does Zip Files Opener require an internet connection?

    No, this zip file opener does not require an internet connection, other than what is necessary to download the software. It can unzip files and works with other common file types whether online or off.
  • What’s new in the last version of Zip Files Opener?

    Though the software is no longer updates, the last version of the program featured a user-friendly interface as well as the ability to work with most common file types. It doesn’t however, convert zip files into other formats.
  • How do I install Zip Files Opener?

    The zip file opener can be installed by first downloading the .exe file from an official or third-party source. Once downloaded, users can run the setup which gives them the ability to choose the storage location of the program. Once installed, it can be run and will work immediately without the need for registration.
  • Where is Zip Files Opener installed?

    This zip file opener can be installed in a location of the user’s choosing on their hard drive. During the setup process, users can choose the program destination. Once installed, the program can be accessed by finding it in the program list or by creating a shortcut for the desktop.


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